Health Insurance

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but we will all need medical care at some point. Health insurance covers these costs.

“Why? Hindi pa ba enough yung Philhealth and HMO?” It's a common misconception to confuse these with Health Insurance. What it does to protect your finances when you need to spend it on health is as follows:

  • Health insurance covers essential health benefits critical to maintaining your health and treating illness and accidents.
  • It protects you from unexpected, high medical costs.
  • Hospitalization and surgical assistance
  • Cash assistance for loss of income due to accident/illness

COVID-19 Protection

With our lifetime's most life-changing event, health insurance is a must. Sun Life benefits you from the effects of Covid-19 to you and your family.*

Hospitalization benefit

Worry less about costly treatment and hospital bills. Upon diagnosis or undergoing of any of the covered critical illnesses and surgeries, you can get a lump sum cash benefit

Life Insurance Coverage

In the event of death other than critical illness, your family will get the cash benefit. This terminates upon payment for critical illness or death.

Health is Wealth, it keeps work productively

Save yourself and your family from financial stress due to unexpected medical expenses.

Covid-19 related disclaimers:

  • Hospitalization benefit. A client insured under Sun First Aid, Sun First Aid Plus, or has an HIB rider attached to the client's plan** may avail of a daily hospitalization benefit in case they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is confined.
  • Prioritized claim. While COVID-19 is not known to cause a critical illness (CI) and is proven to be responsive to treatment, if there is a claim that meets the definition of a covered CI and is caused by COVID-19, Sun Life will endeavor to prioritize this type of claim and will provide benefits in accordance with the policy contract provisions.
  • Death benefit. Should the client pass away as a result of COVID-19, their beneficiaries may be entitled to a death benefit provided they are insured under an eligible Sun Life insurance plan.

       **Must be aligned with policy contract provisions