Education Insurance

Ensure a More Promising Future for Your Child

No doubt that education opens the door to new possibilities, but increasing tuition costs make it impossible for families to afford it without careful planning. Sun Life has insurance policies that will help finance your child's dreams, inspiring and helping them to achieve their goals.


Guaranteed education benefits

Receive four (4) annual cash payouts that increase by 15% every year, regardless of school or chosen degree. These guaranteed cash benefits, totaling 100% of the insurance coverage, can be used to boost your fund for your child’s education. *for the Sun Dream Achiever policy

Living benefits

Earn returns on your plan that you can use to boost your insurance coverage, pay for future premiums, or leave with Sun Life to accumulate, or cash out.

Life Insurance Coverage

Take advantage of full coverage that covers the insured Parent or Payor's life for the lifetime of the policy.

You may also add riders or supplementary benefits to your policy to include extra insurance in the event of unforeseen events like injuries or disability.

Fund your child's education

As a parent, it is your responsibility to deliver your children's right to education.