About Tin Pahilanga

Tin Pahilanga is a Financial Advisor and Manager with Sun Life for 4 years. Before starting with Sun Life she was a real estate agent helping families find their homes. She's now dedicated to helping families find their peace of mind.

As a mother of two and a wife to a loving husband. Tin considers herself an ‘advocate,’ eager to spread awareness of the necessity of insuring one's self, family, and future against life's unexpected challenges.

Tin has also helped grow the careers of 18 financial advisors under her care, furthering the purpose of helping everyone down the road to a brighter life.

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  • Graduated with a degree in Business Administration - Major in Management
  • Former Senior Project Director with the Real Estate industry for 14 years
  • Sunlife coded July 18, 2017
    • Consistent Fast Track Qualifier
    • Consistent Medallion Qualifier
    • 3x Macaulay Club Qualifier (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
    • Manager Candidate – July 2018
    • Unit Manager – Jan. 1, 2019
    • International Quality Awardee
    • GAMA International Awardee
    • Field Manager Excellence Awardee

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